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Due to changes in state law, we are NOT currently accepting new patients!

Under current law Montana medical cannabis providers can serve a maximum of 3 patients each. This has left 12,000 approved patients without a legal source to obtain their medicine.

Vote YES on I-182

Polls show it could be close as the opposition is spreading lies to get votes.

We need EVERYONE to Vote YES on I-182

Please help spread the word. Thousands of medical cannabis patients accross the state are depending on it.

Herb Pharmer - Medical Marijuana Caregiver - Belgrade, MT. There are so many reasons to vote YES on I-182

If you are reading this page, you likely support the use of medical cannabis. So, there is no reason to convince you of the many benefits. What we would like to do is give you some reasons why even people who don't support medical cannabis should vote YES on I-182 so you have some talking points if you come across a non-supporter.

Why should everyone vote YES on I-182

The current law has no oversight or accountability. Under this law, more people will be growing for themselves, but they don't have to report to anyone, there are no inspections, and no oversight whatsoever.

Under 1-182, most patients will use the services of a licensed provider, and DPHHS will inspect these providers annually, ensuring that they are complying with Montana Law. It also provides for unannounced inspections by DPHHS for added public safety.

I-182 will allow for testing of the medical cannabis being sold to patients, so consumers are sure they are getting a safe product.

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